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Downtempo, Trip Hop, Trip-Hop, Ambient, Chill Out, Lounge, Deepsound, Lemay, JC Lemay

Downtempo, Trip Hop, Trip-Hop, Ambient, Chill Out, Lounge, Deepsound, Lemay, JC Lemay

Downtempo, Trip Hop, Trip-Hop, Ambient, Chill Out, Lounge, Deepsound, Lemay, JC Lemay

Kate Havnevik, Imogen Heap, Bjork, Norah Jones, Bob Marley, Sean Paul, Eminem, WC, Case, Beenie Man, Destiny's Child, Rod Taylor, Chopin, remix, remixes, Deepsound, Lemay, JC Lemay

Music for Mooji

Download the Music for Mooji Remixes here !

JC Lemay, Deepsound, Trip-Hop music Who ?
JC Lemay, Deepsound, mp3, trip hop
Musician, composer, producer, I always loved building tracks and tweaking sounds (since my great Atari 520 and Pro 24 !). Mostly in Reggae and Dub in my beginnings, I'm now in Trip Hop, Downtempo, Ambient, Electro, Dub, Lounge, Chill Out... I'm open to any collaboration proposals, mostly with singers. Contact me ! I'm also producing bootleg remixes since 2000, from artists I like, and having fun synchronizing them to the original videos (Bjork, Norah Jones, Kate Havnevik, Imogen Heap, Eminem, Bob Marley, Sean Paul... see below). I'm now working on a new Downtempo/Trip Hop album that will be released in 2009 (with several collaborations, singers, strings, horns, drums etc.). Contact me here.

JC Lemay, Downtempo, Influences Some Influences
Massive Attack, Sinead O'Connor, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, Kate Havnevik, Imogen Heap, Bjork, Emiliana Torrini, Sia, Secede, Lusine, Telefon Tel Aviv, Arovane, Portishead, Cinematic Orchestra, Coco Rosie, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Morcheeba, Leftfield, Snooze, DJ Shadow, Alpha, Pendulum, Roni Size, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, John Legend, Erikah Badu, Joss Stone, Joy Denalane, Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, Paolo Nutini, James Morrison, Barbra Streisand, Benjamin Biolay, Elodie Frégé, Bob Marley, I Jah Man, Misty In Roots, Steel Pulse, Hugh Mundell, Israel Vibration, Black Uhuru, Dennis Brown, Luciano, The Gladiators, Aswad, Cheikh Lô, John Coltrane, Magma, Pink Floyd, Stacey Kent, Keith Jarret, Norah Jones, Frank Zappa, Pink, Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg, Chopin, Schubert, Fauré, Brahms, Ravel, Mozart, Stravinsky, etc...

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JC Lemay, Downtempo, Compilations Compilations
Several of my tracks were used in compilations.

Chill Out in Paris 2 - David Visan (Buddha Bar)
Little Buddha Café - DJ Sam Popat (Wagram/GeorgesV)
Paresse - Vox Terrae (Resonances)
Lounge - Vox Terrae (Resonances)
Hairsound - David Visan (GeorgesV)
Cool Water - Velvet Lab (Lancaster/Davidoff)
TechniArt - David Visan (L'Oreal/GeorgesV)

JC Lemay, Downtempo, Musique pour les médias Media Production Music
Since 1998, I've been working with production music publishers (films, documentaries, TV and radio shows). Here are some examples and references.

Soundtracks (TV and Radio)
FRANCE-INTER : Interception/Simon Tivolle 
Listen to the Interception Show 
TELETHON 2003 : France 2/France 3
TELETHON 2002 : France 2/France 3

Films, movies, DVD, documentaries
L'année suivante, Isabelle Czajka, film, JC Lemay
The French Paradox 
L'ANNÉE SUIVANTE - Isabelle Czajka (2007)
Le cactus, Gérard Bitton, Michel Munz, film, JC Lemay
Pump Your Body 
LE CACTUS - Gérard Bitton and Michel Munz (2005)
18 ans après, Coline Serreau, film, JC Lemay
Meteor Subway 
18 ANS APRÈS - Coline Serreau (2003)
Zinedine Zidane,Zidane, Comme dans un rêve, Plein les yeux, but, plus beaux buts, football, foot
ZINEDINE ZIDANE - Comme dans un rêve (2006)
Nikita, dvd, tv, série
NIKITA : Série TV (dvd and vhs)
La nuit de la glisse
LA NUIT DE LA GLISSE 2002 - Guerlain Chicherit

LES BOBOS DANS LA VILLE - Doc 52' (Amal Moghaizel)
UN GARS ET UNE FILLE - Production 22 (dvd)
FCNA : Doc 52' Coupe de France de football 1999
HSI - Doc 52' (Reservoir Prod)
FFT : Doc 52' Roland-Garros 2002
PATAGONIE, TERRE DE FEU - Film de Alain Dayan
L'ASIE DE MITJA - Doc 52' de Mitja Rietbrock
L'AFRIQUE D'YVAN - Doc 52' de Yvan Wastiaux
HONG KONG SHENZHEN - Doc 52' (dvd, France 5)
TOUS INTÉRIMAIRES - Doc 52' (Canal + et Planète)
QUE VEULENT LES POLONAIS ? - Doc 52' (Arte Thema)
THALASSA, TOUR DU MONDE - Doc 52' (G. Pernoud)

THALASSA : France 3
Y'A UN DÉBUT A TOUT : France 2
STADE 2 : France 2
LA NUIT "THE L WORD" : Canal +

Commercials (TV and Radio)

Sound Design

Institutionnal Films

Around the world
My music is used in many countries (TV and/or radios), South Africa, Germany, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Danemark, Spain, United-States, Finland, Great-Britain, Greace, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Lettony, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, République Tchèque, Sweden, Singapor, Swizerland, Zimbabwe...

JC Lemay, Downtempo, TRIP HOP TV Commercials
A Drop In The Ocean 

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Colgate Massager

JC Lemay, Downtempo, TRIP HOP Films and Documentaries
Zinedine Zidane
Extract from movie Comme dans un rêve (bonus : Plein les yeux) directed by Stéphane Meunier (2006)

A Drop In The Ocean 
Searching The Truth 

Les Bobos dans la ville
Extract from documentary directed by Amal Moghaizel

Central Park Memories 

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Watch the all film here
Sauvons les bistrots
A movie by Alain Zef and Husky Kihal, music by JC Lemay and Richard Boisson. (2006)

Live It Up 

JC Lemay, Downtempo, TRIP HOP Musician Friends
Violent Public Disorderaz
Blaxx Music
le Dead Project
News Contact

News News (Version française ici)
To read the news, clic on the little arrows below
My Production Music - 30.06.13
Since 1998, I have been composing music for Universal Publishing Production Music (Koka Media and Galerie labels), in what we usually call stock music, production music, or library music. Here's a compilation (more than 200 tracks) of this work on a Production Music website I just built.
Human Fields - 21.12.12
At last, my new 2 CD album "Human Fields" is out (listen on the left, and buy below), produced by Universal Publishing Production Music. For all use and synchronization in your productions (films, tv, radio, commercials...) contact the UNIPPM team.
Out There Remix - John Legend - 12.04.09
This my remix of the John Legend's song "If You're Out There" that I made for Indaba's Contest. If you like it, please, go add your vote here. More info on this remix on i-zic.com.
If You're Out There Remix (John Legend)
Ambient Track - 20.03.09
Just had fun remixing one of the great Ambienteer ambient soundscape called Seed Green. I carried on his stellar trip and now, from inside, seed is rising toward the sun. ;-)
Seed Grow
Imogen Heap - TSTNW Remix - 18.02.09
Here's my The Song That Never Was remix, from Imogen Heap. For Twestival, Imogen offered to her fans (and twitters) the voice tracks of an unreleased song. That was a great time to work with Imogen's fabulous voice ! What do you think ?
Comment this remix on SoundCloud
Vibra's Top 10 - 26.08.08
Vibra Online
My HiFi Thang title is in the Vibra Online Top 10's of July 2008. thanks to my musician friend Dimitar of Violent Public Disorderaz ! ;-)
Beef - The Original Remix - 15.04.08
Beef - The Original - Remix
I just finished my The Original remix from the Dutch Reggae band Beef, to participate to the Remix Contest they opened on their Myspace blog on March 31st, 2008. Listen to it above and play it loud !
May 9th : my The Original Remix won the remix contest ! Great ! On sale very soon ! ;-)
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2 Reggae Dub tracks - 07.04.08
Here's 2 Reggae Dub tracks which have been released on Jamaica Cake compilation for Universal Production Music.
Pay Attention
Promised Land
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2 titres Electro Fun - 06.04.08
Whoop It Up !
Haris Pilton
Here is 2 Electro Fun tracks which has been released on the Magazine 3 compilation by Universal Production Music.
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A Little Something In The Air - 05.04.08
A small Electro Lounge song which should be released in may or june 2008 on an Universal Production Music compilation.
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The Do - On My Shoulders Remix - 12.03.08
The Do - On My Shoulders - Remix
I just finished my On My Shoulders remix from The Do, to participate to their Remix Contest on their Myspace blog on february 27th 2008. Listen to it above ! ;-)
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Buy and instant download my trip-hop, downtempo, lounge, dub, electro, albums with Paypal ! You'll then receive in minuts an automatic email with a secured link to download (in very good mp3 quality) the album you bought. Super bonus : for each album you buy, receive a link to download for free my Remix Sessions album, with the 14 remixes (Bjork, Kate Havnevik, Norah Jones, Eminem, Bob Marley etc.)! Any question? Contact me.
Human Fields (2012) - 10 euros
Human Fields - 2 CDs
Human Fields album (18 tracks) + the album remixed (Ambient Sessions, 21 tracks) in one download! Listen on the left.
Deepsound Sessions #1 - 8 euros
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16 trip-hop, lounge, downtempo titles album compilation + 3 bonus tracks. Listen on the left.
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Trip of Hope, album downtempo trip-hop
15 trip hop, downtempo, dub, lounge titles album + 4 bonus tracks. Listen at trip-of-hope.com.
Urban Dream - 8 euros
Urban Dream, album electro
15 electro, jungle, trip hop, hip hop titles album + 1 bonus tracks. Listen at Urban Dream.

If you prefer buying with external vendors (more expensive and mostly with DRM's, your choice ;-), you'll find here my Trip of Hope album on those websites : iTunes | MusicMe | VirginMega | Fnac.com | Napster | eMusic | Starzik

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mp3, trip-hop, Mp3, Trip-Hop, trip-hop mp3, mp3 trip-hop, MP3, TRIP HOP, trip hop, free mp3Trip of Hope : 15 titles Downtempo Trip Hop album
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JC Lemay, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Bjork, Kate Havnevik, Norah Jones, Vidéos remix The Video Remixes
Unlike Me Remix (Kate Havnevik)

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Hidden Place Remix (Bjork)

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Pagan Poetry Remix (Bjork)

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Don't Know Why Remix (Norah Jones)

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Earth Rise (Jaxa)

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JC Lemay, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Bjork, Kate Havnevik, Norah Jones, remixes A small history about the remixes
In 2001, I've produced my firts remixes, that I uploaded on my website, Pagan Poetry and Hidden Place, of Bjork's Vespertine album. Those 2 remixes were downloaded more than 150,000 times !

Pagan Poetry remix has been played in several clubs around the world (I received emails from DJ's saying they used them in their sets) and was a hit on dancefloors. He won the Best 2001 Bootleg Remix price from Hauswerkz, a DJ collective from the Berlin club in Chicago, where a DJ even synchronized this remix on the original Bjork video, and was played in the club.

Since then, I produced remixes from Norah Jones, Kate Havnevik, Imogen Heap, Sean Paul, Bob Marley, Beenie Man, WC and Case, Destiny's Child, Rod Taylor... and many more are to come (Stephen Marley, Erika Badu, etc...).

JC Lemay, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Commentaires Comments and Feedbacks
I'm receiving many comments and feedbacks since 2001, mostly about the remixes. Here they are...

AMAZING !!! In all of my years DJing in nightclubs this is one of the best remixes I have ever had the pleasure of listening to !!! DJ P.

The best remix I have ever heard in my life. Great talent. Congratulations. CD burning worthly. H.

Bjork remixée... par JC Lemay. C'est brillant, rien à dire, juste à écouter. (So Windy)

I love Björk, and I am obsessed with her music. She's just wonderful. And I'm obsessed with any Björk remixes. I want to hear them all. Pagan Poetry - JC Lemay Remix. I love this remix so much. I set it as my alarm clock song, so I wake up to it pretty much every morning. (Electroniclash)

Magnificent long trance remix ! I think this remix should be released as Pagan Poetry CD3 ! Nice work !! T.

This stuff is higher quality than about 75% of the official Bjork remixes I have heard. THANKS ! R.

ABSOLUTELY the best remix of the web. I wrote about it directly to Bjork. L.

Brilliant ! I heard this remix of Pagan Poetry at a club just the other day, and it blew me away ! Almost went crazy looking for it. Best piece of remix i've heard so far ! DJ Gusto

Really impressive... My guess would be that Bjørk would appreciate it very much. Do you mind if I burn it for my own pleasure ? R.

This is some tyte shit ! I've been going to Bjork Remix Web for a while, and this is the best that I've heard. Keep remixing 'cause you are one talented mutha... you know. J.B.

Jesus ! Dude... this is... just... I'm shocked ! I worship you ! This the best Bjork mix ever ! Been a Bjork fan for years, this remix is just outstanding ! You are a real pro ! The mix is perfect it sounds just perfect ! You blend the beats and understand the mood of the sound, you got a piece of art here, how could you respect the spirit and soul of the sound and still transform it into something complete new. She should have YOU making her remixes !!!!! I'm just in awe at this, i have no words, PLEASE make some more of this... J.

One of the few remixes I will burn on cd. Simply amazing. Exactly what I was looking for with a remix of this song. H.

I've been a Bjork fan since Sugarcubes, I love Bjork remixes and this one is very very cool. Takes me to another world of future dance music and grooves !!!
Sooooooooo Amazing. J.S.

Definitely... you are a genious :-) T.

So powerfull !!!! Björk's cyclone just invaded my head ! Must have be released... Thanks JC ! F.

Man, all I have to say is that your mixes are fuckin unbelieveable ! Seriously, words cannot describe how cool these remixes are. I taped your songs and was listening to them with my boyfriend in my car and he was like "holy shit, that sounds awesome!" It gave me chills, man. Keep it up ! J.

Wow... in all my years being a Bjork fan... I've NEVER ever heard of a Pagan Poetry remix, until one day, being silly, i happend upon your website.. and your mix... i was naturally curious... what would it sound like... how would it be ? What kind of beats would it be set to, i.e. jungle, deep/heavy house, happy..? all these questions ran through my head and then i clicked play... and now.. i just want to thank you, for making a wonderfully beautiful song, even more wonderful, and beautiful... just remember my fellow Bjork fan... All is Full of Love. B.

This is the best Pagan Poetry remix on Bjork Remix Web site as well as on the CD singles so far. I love this one. Amazing. I put it in my car on my drive to work and I thought I was gonna have a motorcrash! E.

The best Pagan Poetry remix, more than the original remix ! L.

I'm VIOLENTLY HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!! Really loved the remix man !!! A.

The Pagan Poetry remix is the best I´ve heard in a long time ! Keep up the good work ! E.

Just found it now 7 AM PST and love it - very sexy - had to dance to it then and there. Thanks for a flawless mix of one of my faves ! Met Bjork about 6 years ago in Iceland. A lovely eccentric. Kim

Brilliant mix ! Just discoverred it in January. Uplifting and very catchy. It should have been released and would have been a great commercial hit for Bjork. B.

It looks like you've won the remix of the year with this one. It's practically flawless. And oh how I love to dance to it. Super super sweet !!!!!!! M.

I'm writing for both songs you've remixed. It's very beautiful the way you remixed the Vespertine songs. You've made my life brighter, thank you JC Lemay !! DL.

These remixes were very good ! I honestly have never heard a decent Bjork remix... until now. I could dance my ass off to this Pagan Poetry. Thanks so much !! Cynthia R.

MAN --- this is classic trip-hop wizardry. I'd kill to work with someone like you. The arrangement and texture are both very solid. Great job is an understatement. Peace and much respect. R.

I'm generally the last person to write fan mail (maybe 4 instances of it in 37 years), but I have got to speak up about your bjork remixes (as well as the norah jones and eminem remixes). UNBELIEVABLE work. The transformation is both utter AND natural, and that almost never happens. I daresay, you're no remixer, you're a consummate musician with impeccable taste who remixes. I love remixes (always have) but am more and more frequently disappointed by modern dj's and remixers who simply use material from mediocre hit songs to lend a hook or familiar texture (and often a saleable title) to thoroughly unrelated pukepiles of sonic stew that bear not only no resemblance to the original, but no musicality whatsoever. Things were different 15 years ago when a lot of fresh ground was still being explored, but today's remixes are just plain boring. But YOU, you make music ! Music that could stand on its own against that of the artists you remix, easily in a class with theirs. It is my greatest hope someone will come along soon that can facilitate your projects into a lucrative career out of the selfish hope I can simply find more of your material. Please keep up the great work. I hope you'll consider remixing some of Peter Gabriel's most recent work, and/or that of Thom Yorke/Radiohead. That stuff is rife with exciting possibilities. If any of it moves you enough to compel remixes, I will be thrilled beyond words. (Robert W.)

Thanks very much for your music. Just count the red squares. Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!! O.

AM SO HAP-PY !! Finally i've found it again !! I actually had found it long time ago -just for chance- and loved it so much then deleted it for mistake... Would you believe it ? For six months it's been the first title i was looking for every time i was connected... I downloaded all different remixes but it wasn't your one... then... finally... tonight... I'VE FOUND IT AGAIN !!! I don't know who you are but you make me happy every time I listen to the music you have created. It blows my mind away. Thank you ! (R. from Milan)

Beautiful !! 1 of the best hidden places out there ! Where am I ? K.

Ignore the people who said it wasn't wonderful... that was the epitome of exaltation for me. Thank you so much for that... for a moment, I felt the numbness that, to be honest, had begun to seem a permanent state... lifted off me. (Kallysta)

From the time I pressed play until it was over I was flying. Keep it up. Give us more. A.

A hidden place has opened by his clever trip-hop style. You are an eyewitness. I must say this remix is perfect! Nice work. T.

HEY! Such a fantastic remix... One of the best and most polished mixes I've heard. Keep remixing and I will keep visiting this page. Please download this ! R.

Fantastic. Great music, well done ! Do you have a record deal ? D.

I just found your Pagan Poetry and Hidden Place Bjork remixes on the net and I can't believe that i have actually found you !! :D I remember these mixes from the good ole Bjork Remix Web ! You are incredible !! (Melissa)

Very impressive. This is the best remix I have heard for months on BRW site. Way to break the mold and do a trance remix for a Vespertine song ! Awesome. S.

Wow ... oh my ! I just can't .. i mean ... wow ! E.

Your mix of Bjork – Hidden Place is great. Actually, it sounds fantastic. NX

What a mix ! I am dancing in my head, spinning and spinning. Tell me you are not smiling when you listen to this WICKED WICKED WICKED :) FJ.

There are loads of ropey trance and dance remixes of stuff out there. This is not one of them. It's very well executed, really good to listen to, and if somebody did end up passing it onto Bjork you'd probably end up on commission :-) Top stuff ! A.

I love those mixes ! I have never really heard a Bjork remix that I actually LIKE. Wow! Thanks. E.

I think you have a very promising career with your talent ! Keep it up ! E.

Wow !! This should be encluded somewhere in the official discography ! i.

Trance isn't my thing, but this mix is extremely well-done. You're talented, I look forward to more remixes from you. L.

Wow, thats all i can say is wow. C.

I just found your Pagan Poetry and Hidden Place Bjork remixes on the net and I can't believe that i have actually found you !! I remember these mixes from the good ole BRW ! You are incredible !! M.

I downloaded your remix of Bjork's Pagan Poetry and I have to say, it was an incredible remix. I've listened to it repeatedly and it sounds better each time! Good work ! T.

This remix is a wonderful remix, and a great trance track. I miss bjork's luv for dance muzic. Thank god for BRW and remixs like this. XCO

Hey...well done !! I love your remix... Bjork should hire you immediately ! M.

Believe the hype... This one kicks ! And I like that it's long ! R.

Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful ! You have my congratulations for this remix !!! Continue like this !!!!! :-) R.

Love the Pagan Poetry remix ! I felt a real rush listening to it. Love the way the lead 'harsh' synth comes in after "He makes me want to hurt myself". Beautiful remix. It'll be my version of choice from now on, especially when I want to dance ! If there's any justice she'll release it as a dance remix for you! V.

Never thought this song would go so well with straight beats... great! G.

This is definitely the best Pagan Poetry remix. It's a difficult song to remix, but this one really works. C.

Wow, I love it ! Congratulations you are amazing and you have to do more remixes like this. J.C.

FREAKING AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually am disapointed with 50% of the remixes people come out with and the ones that are pretty cool aren't THAT great but this... this is brilliant. It ecompasses everything I love about music... bjork and trance... its beautiful and I'm going to show to all my friends that like Bjork and say "SEE !! Bjork could soooo do trance if she wanted to..." THANK YOU !! S.

Since most of Vespertine is designed for slower tempo songs, it is rather interesting to discover a pretty good upbeat remix of Pagan Poetry. In some ways, this works just as well (or even better) than some of the "official" remixes. F.

This is Great! I didn't like the start, but when I heard the last 5 min, I was addicted! :) KeepItUp ! M.

Great work on Hidden Place !!! OMG what do i have to do to help you get this licenced ???? I want to help in anyway I can... I'm just a Björk fan who believes she needs more talented people like you working on remixes for her ! This song was sexy before but you somehow made it sexier ! Keep up the GREAT work and I hope to hear more remixes in the future ! S.

I looove this mix ! Very nice ! M.

I think it is has conventional style that works really well. Either you hate it or you love it and personally I thought it was outstanding. Encore ! Merci ! T.

Dope remix !! M.

Soooo Great ! R.

Has she contacted you ? She should... V.

Hey there. I love your mix. It's distinct and complete, with the right blend of sharp and smooth sounds. And well-paced. *smOOOoooooch* *ahem* sorry. Extremely spiffy! Thanks for makin it available. S.

Ah, come on, you're a liar ! Actually YOU ARE this guy, eh, what's his name, Paul Oakenfold, am I right ??? Superb job, this one kicks hard !!! R.

The bomb ! Y.

I love it. Very energetic and perfectly molded together. C.

Wow, this is a fantastic remix ! Keep up the good work !! Sounds very pro ! J.

Just thought I'd drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your remix of Bjork's Pagan Poetry track. Well done! If you don't mind I'll copy a version onto my minidisk player to listen to while I go roller blading ! B.

Wow! I love it ! How did you get the vocal tracks ? Did you create the Supernova sounds yourself ? R.

Congratulations. Im listening to pagan poetry remix and it makes me ecstatics! Its exactly this kind of music i was looking for about this album S.

Hey hey... a friend of mine sent me the link to this and I really really dig the "Hidden Place" remixes. I spin downtempo/trip-hop in town on most Thursday nights; any chance of me getting a better quality mp3 ? I'd love to play this out... Excellent work :). R.

BRAVO JC ! Some really cool beats, I could easily see it on a bjork cd. Maybe best bjork dance mix I have heard !! T.

OMFG - It gets better everytime. Sickeningly spectacular in a travelling sort of way. F.

RESPECT. for sure the best remix i heard here. E.

Words cannot explain. O.

Probably best remix I've heard so far... D.

Nice... I just couldnt find what bjork´s publisher has to say about it :) M.

Hello there ! I had to do myself a favor and give you thanks and praise for sharing your awesome mix with us ! Truely mindblowing work. D.

Very cool! :-) I like it a lot. I think it sounds very french (and that is a good thing) I totally agree with the reviews on your page... Keep up the good work, mate V.

This mix is AWESOME !!! It's the best Pagan Poetry mix I've heard. Love it ! M.

So...wonderful !! H.

Deepsound is a master. I hope Bjork and Matmos contact you to tell you how awesome this mix is. (Ruby)

It Sounds Great and Powerful !!! W.

This is great, why don't you release this ? D.

I LOVE them...Dope as hell. The Pagan Poetry Mix is great...makes me wanna get up and get my ass shakin'! Great stuff! M.

MARVELOUS ! I don't know what does this mix have, but it makes me love it, simply love it. Congratulations JC ! A.

Your remix is the best remix of bjork so far. (Fursaxa)

OMG I Love this remix ! It's so pefect. The beat and everything flow so well together. A.

Dude, great job on Pagan Poetry. G.

This one is great !!! I like it ! A.

Congrats on all the great work ! A.

You know what JC ? This remix is wonderfull and i think that if you make HYPERBALLAD, IT'S NOT UP TO YOU and AURORA like this one, i'm sure they will be really great ! Do it please. J.C.

It's very great work ! S.

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS ! I love Vespertine... though I couldn't really imagine remixes feeling varied or liking them just as much as the original recordings... till I heard this one. It lifts me to a whole other plane... (Jeniece)

I have listened to your Pagan Poetry and Hidden Place remixes and i wanted to say they are both FORMIDABLE !!!! (Danielle)

You have the most amazing remixes of vespertine... your pagan poetry is sooooooooooo amazing !!! the best remix ever !!! im soo in love of your work kisses from mexico ! (DIOSGUILLERMO)

This is exceptional. Keep up the good work. (aieshaB89)

Awesome!!!! a remix that follows the same down-tempo feel as the original!!! (cwjuul87)

WOW!! nice ass remix. impressive! (MzTV2)

I LOOOOVE THIS ONE!!! haha man sorry if i like it i gotta say something! great job! (mygameline)

Great, i didn't think i would like it but this is really good!! thanks! :) (wruangfreemail)

This is the best remix of bjork so far (fursaxa)

Wow really awesome remix 5/5 (vegito88)

Amazing remix! (elparrot)

I luv both bjork remixes and i have a request. Try doing aurora ;-D and again i luv both remixes. M.

It's so good !!! Trop fort, continue dans cette voie... L.

I'm not a trance fan but I like Bjork. I really don't like bjork mixed with trance. BUT! You did a good job with the production ! K.


We had a listen to your remixes of tracks from Bjork's Vespertine and were very impressed. (Alex)

Oh Yeah baby ! The beat kicks ass and I don't even like thump-thump ! J.

Loved your remixes! They're really well done, sound very professional...
keep up the good work I'd say... R.

Ahhh ! I was waiting for it, GREAT ! M.

Jean-Christophe Lemay est un musicien et compositeur parisien. Faisant suite à "Urban Dream", album de musique électronique urbaine, JC Lemay a réalisé "Trip of Hope", un album de 16 titres de trip-hop particulièrement réussi aux couleurs dub, électro, ambient et acoustique. Une invitation au voyage et au rêve... (trip-hop.net)

Juste un petit mail pour vous féliciter pour le remix de Pagan Poetry que vous avez réalisé. J'ai du le mettre sur CD il y a presque un an, et il tourne toujours régulierement dans ma chaine. C'est un vrai plaisir. J'ai un énorme respect pour ceux qui arrivent à me chatouiller les oreilles de maniere si agréable. Merci encore. R.

Encore mieux que l'original. Je ne pensais pas que ce serait possible. Bravo!!! j'adore ! K.

Tes remix de Bjork sont remarquables. S.

Je salue la remarquable performance de ce remix. Tres beau travail pour un resultat exceptionnel ! Je le connaissais déjà mais j'ai eu l'occasion de télecharger à nouveau et c'est à nouveau la même émotion. L.

Vraiment EXCELLENT !!! Les mots ne peuvent pas exprimer comment ton remix a ajouté une autre dimension dans cette chanson... Félicitations ! ;-)

Félicitation pour tes remixes !!!!!!! Ils sont vraiment excellents! !!!!! J.

Un peu long mais vraiment très bon ! Même si on n'aime pas la trance on aimera ce mix. Mais qui es-tu, JC ??? L.

Très bon !!! De pouvoir danser sur des versions qui initialement sont faites pour relaxer bien au chaud, chez soi !!! Allons danser la poésie payenne ! P.

J'ai lu le message vers 3h du mat', là il est 5h, ça veut dire que le remix de Pagan Poetry tourne ici en boucle depuis 2 heures ! Needless to say, I like it :-) P.

Excellent... Ca a du te prendre un temps et un travail monstres ! C'est impeccable... Ca a sa place dans les remixes officiels :-) C.

Le remix de la marche funèbres est carrement genialissime, je trouve pas les mots pour te dire a quel point je l'adore... (Sertak)

Je viens d'écouter ton remix de Pagan Poetry qui est très beau. Pagan Poetry est pour moi un morceau emblématique, une des plus belles chansons qui soit. (Ludovic)

J'ai téléchargé votre remixe de Bjork "Pagan Poetry" et je dois vous avouer que j'écoute ce dernier en boucle depuis hier soir... C'est vraiment de l'excellent boulot...Bravo ! Grand admirateur de Bjork depuis des années, je suis plutôt déçu par la qualité de ses remixes depuis son retour avec "Vespertine". Alors je n'ai qu'une seule chose à dire : Merci ! S.

Yep, probably the best remix I heard of this song, I'd like to succeed in doing a remix with the same quality, very classy, elegant, bravo ! H.

Niiiiiiice. Clever. Very clever with beats. Didnt take bjork away (ALWAYS a plus). Sweet job man. T.

This remix is awsome ! It has that something that keeps it moving ! X.

Impressive. Hope to hear you remix some of Volta... that'd be nice. E.

Dude, remix every song of every bjork album. You rock. (Eric)

Love how you've synchronized your mix over the original Pagan Poetry video. That high point in the middle of the song where she really belts it out is just so great. (Marc)

ON-U Sound Style ! Terrific !!!! A.

Thanks for making a remix, not a crap mix. It rocks ! S.


Interesting! The volume toggling is most musical, and the rhythm is sexy and full of attitude. Even the arrangement (echo efx) is commendable. All in all, pretty good ! F.

Very well done... props ! M.

No words !!!!!! It's the best remix of Pagan Poetry I ever heard, congratulations from Argentina. (Gabi)

Your remix is faaaaaaat ! KC.

Wow !!! L.

Wonderful, Mr. Deep ! ;-) Please go on ! T.

This is perfect, and everything is well balanced ! PLEASE MAKE OTHERS, WE NEED THEM ! R.

I'm a french fan of bjork and this remix is perfect !! C.

Gotta say hidden place is rather tasty... hope you get it licensed ! W.

I like enough, you have rhythm good work. Excellent. J.

Excellent! Vraiment très très bon. Respecte la chanson, lui ajoute du groove... ouah ! L.
Unlike Me Remix - Kate Havnevik

This is awesome ! Great job :] I can't stop listening to it ! (DePpLoVeR393)

This is just FOCKiNG AWESOMEE! Looved it! :D (stringeel)

Amazing remix. Love it, and the editing to the video. (TheAutumnEffect)

Wonderful, truely magnificent and spectacular :D Love the music and video editing ! Oh and is there an MP3 version of this ? (YoshiEggs)

Your awesome at this ! you really really good lol i love bjork and kate and love them for there voices and your not corrupting it with the remix ! great job again !! (mygameline)

This isn't getting enough love. Very well done. Great treatment to the music. Major props. (Aferral)

ahhh i love both versions of this song. (katie12365)

hiiiii !! i love your remix <3 (fronembourg)

Excellent. Just amazing. (igotgoodies1)

Dude this songs good. Great job. (insaneflame56)

Way awesome. (RileyXGeorge)

Can we have a mp3 version please ? Fucking good remix. (vannsasuke)

Love the remix ! Thanks ! (FrozenFireDuck)

SUPERBE REMIX, je l'adore autant que l'original !!!! Beau boulot, ça ne dénature pas la chanson, je vais aller faire un petit tour sur tes autres remix ! BRAVO. (nanachan82)
Independent Women Remix - Destiny's Child

Excellent work! Your remixes are so musical !! That's just excellent. (Dj Clément Loca from France)

Hey, I just wrote about you and your Destiny's Child remix at my mp3 blog. I hope it also helps you draw attention to your other projects. Thank for you what you do. (Jon)

Don't Know Why Remix - Norah Jones

I think you did a really cool remix of Norah Jones !!!! I loved it !!! Keep up the good work !!!. (Sandy Rodriguez)

My name is Adam, I accidently came across your remix of Norah Jones and I love it. (Adam)

It was very wonderful REMIX. I want LP of this REMIX. Are put on the market ? (Yuji)

Excellent remix pour "Don't know why", pour moi l'esprit est intact. Bravo, bonne continuation ! (Fillaam)

Hey I love this song and the remix you did is so great ! (Christy)

We love what you did !!! It is marvellous !! Thanks a lot. (Seb)

Absolutely love it. Would like to hear other Norah remixes. (Steve)

I love it. Great job. You should look into contacting the right people and getting that remix some airtime or something. I'd say you're rather talented... and you chose a great artist to exemplify that. (Sarah)

Flirt Remix - WC/Case

Remix is tight. You're working clean and exactly. (Chris)

Without Me Remix - Eminem

AWESOME ! (Bernard)

WoooooooW ! It's real fantasy si cool song. I think it's my favorite now. It's better than Eminen in naturally. Wow, cool sound from you. Greetz from Germany. (Euromaggi)

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