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JC Lemay and presents :

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Pagan Poetry - A Bjork's Pagan Poetry French Trance Remix by JC Lemay !
Bjork, Pagan Poetry, mp3, Vesperine, Hidden Place, remix, bjork, trip hop, dub
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      Bjork, Vesperine, Pagan Poetry Remix, Hidden Place, remix, bjork, trip hop, dub   Pagan Poetry Remix - HiFi Download

            (Hi Fi 128 kbps stereo Mp3)

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      Bjork, Vesperine, Pagan Poetry, Hidden Place, remix, bjork, trip hop, dub   Pagan Poetry Remix - HiFi Play

            (Hi Fi 128 kbps stereo Mp3 stream)

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Pagan Poetry remix is now synchronised with the original Bjork's video !
See it on my Deepsound Website !

Here's what people said about my Pagan Poetry's remix :

"FUCKING brilliant !
I heard this remix of Pagan Poetry at a club just
the other day, and it blew me away !
Almost went crazy looking for it.
Best piece of remix i`ve heard so far !" DJ Gusto

In all of my years DJing in nightclubs
this is one of the best remixes
I have ever had the pleasure of listening to !!!" DJ P.

"Magnificent long trance remix !
I think this remix should be released as Pagan Poetry CD3 !
Nice work !!" T.

"Really impressive...
My guess would be that Bjørk would appreciate it
very much. Do you mind if I burn it for my own pleasure ?" R.

"The best remix I have ever heard in my life.
Great talent. Congratulations. CD burning worthly." H.

"This stuff is higher quality than about 75% of the
official Bjork remixes I have heard. THANKS !" R.

"ABSOLUTELY the best remix of the web.
I wrote about it directly to Bjork" L.

"This is some tyte shit !
I've been going to Bjork Remix Web for awhile,
and this is the best that I've heard.
Keep remixing 'cause you are one talented know." J.B.

"One of the few remixes I will burn on cd.
Simply amazing.
Exactly what I was looking for with a remix of this song." H.

"I've been a Bjork fan since Sugarcubes,
I love Bjork remixes and this one is very very cool.
Takes me to another world of future dance music and grooves !!!
Sooooooooo Amazing." J.S.

"Definitely... you are a genious :-)" T.

" So powerfull !!!!
Björk's cyclone just invaded my head !
Must have be released... Thanks JC !" F.

"This is the best Pagan Poetry remix on Bjork Remix Web site
as well as on the CD singles so far.
I love this one. Amazing.
I put it in my car on my drive to work
and I thought I was gonna have a motorcrash!" E.

"The best Pagan Poetry remix, more than the original remix !" L.

"Brilliant mix !
Just discoverred it in January.
Uplifting and very catchy.
It should have been released and
would have been a great commercial hit for Bjork." B.

"It looks like you've won the remix of the year with this one.
It's practically flawless.
And oh how I love to dance to it.
Super super sweet !!!!!!!" M.

"HEY! Such a fantastic remix...
One of the best and most polished mixes I've heard.
Keep remixing and I will keep visiting this page.
Please download this !" R.

"Fantastic. great music, well done !
Do you have a record deal ?" D.

"Very impressive.
This is the best remix I have heard for months on BRW site.
Way to break the mold and do a trance remix for a Vespertine song !
Awesome." S.

"Wow ... oh my ! I just can't .. i mean ... wow !" E.

"What a mix !
I am dancing in my head, spinning and spinning.
Tell me you are not smiling
when you listen to this WICKED WICKED WICKED :)" FJ.

"There are loads of ropey trance and dance remixes of stuff out
there. This is not one of them. It's very well executed, really
good to listen to, and if somebody did end up passing it onto
Bjork you'd probably end up on commission :-)
Top stuff ! A."

"I love those mixes !
I have never really heard a Bjork remix that I actually LIKE.
Wow! Thanks." E.

"i think you have a very promising career with your talent !
Keep it up !" E.

"Wow !! This should be encluded somewhere in the official discography !" i.

"Trance isn't my thing, but this mix is extremely well-done.
You're talented, I look forward to more remixes from you." L.

"Wow, thats all i can say is wow." C.

"I downloaded your remix of Bjork's Pagan Poetry
and I have to say, it was an incredible remix.
I've listened to it repeatedly and it sounds better each time!
Good work !" T.

"This remix is a wonderful remix, and a great trance track.
I miss bjork's luv for dance muzic.
Thank god for BRW and remixs like this." XCO

"Hey...well done !!
I love your remix... Bjork should hire you immediately !" M.

"Believe the hype...
This one kicks ! And I like that it's long !" R.

"Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful !
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful !
You have my congratulations for this remix !!!
Continue like this !!!!! :-)" R.

"Love the Pagan Poetry remix !
I felt a real 'rush' listening to it.
Love the way the lead 'harsh' synth comes in after
"He makes me want to hurt myself".
Beautiful remix.
It'll be my version of choice from now on,
especially when I want to dance !
If there's any justice she'll release it as a dance remix for you!" V.

"Never thought this song would go so well with straight beats... great!" G.

"This is definitely the best Pagan Poetry remix.
It's a difficult song to remix, but this one really works." C.

"Wow ,I love it !
Congratulations you are amazing
and you have to do more remixes like this." J.C.

"Since most of Vespertine is designed for slower tempo songs,
it is rather interesting to discover
a pretty good upbeat remix of Pagan Poetry.
In some ways, this works just as well
(or even better) than some of the "official" remixes." F.

"This is Great!
I didn't like the start, but when I heard the last 5 min,
I was addicted! :) KeepItUp !" M.

"I looove this mix ! Very nice !" M.

"I think it is has conventional style that works really well.
Either you hate it or you love it and personally
I thought it was outstanding. Encore ! Merci ! " T.

"Dope remix !!" M.

"Fucking Great !" R.

"This is the best remix of "Pagan Poetry" I heard !" J.

"It's spacey and delicious !" M.

"I've had this mix for a while - I love it !!
One of my favourite fan mixes." S.

"This is an amazing remix. 8 minutes of goregousness." G.

"Ah, come on, you're a liar !
Actually YOU ARE this guy, eh, what's his name,
Paul Oakenfold, am I right ???
Superb job, this one kicks hard !!!" R.

"The fucking bomb !" Y.

"I love it. Very energetic and perfectly molded together." C.

"Wow, this is a fantastic remix !
Keep up the good work !! Sounds very pro ! " J.

"Just thought I'd drop you a note to tell you
how much I enjoyed your remix of Bjork's Pagan Poetry track.
Well done! If you don't mind I'll copy a version onto my
minidisk player to listen to while I go roller blading !" B.

"Wow! I love it ! How did you get the vocal tracks ?
Did you create the Supernova sounds yourself ?" R.

Im listening to pagan poetry remix and it makes me ecstatics!
Its exactly this kind of music i was looking for about this album" S.

Some really cool beats,I could easily see it on a bjork cd.
Maybe best bjork dance mix I have heard !!" T.

""OMFG - It gets better everytime.
Sickeningly spectacular in a travelling sort of way." F.

I just couldnt find what bjork´s publisher
has to say about it :)" M.

"Very cool! :-) I like it a lot.
I think it sounds very french (and that is a good thing)
I totally agree with the reviews on your page...
Keep up the good work, mate" V.

"This mix is AWESOME!!!
It`s the best Pagan Poetry mix I`ve heard.
Love it!" M.

"So...wonderful !!" H.

"It Sounds Great and Powerful !!!" W.

"This is great, why don't you release this ?" D.

"I LOVE them...Dope as hell.
The Pagan Poetry Mix is great...makes me wanna
get up and get my ass shakin'!
Great stuff!" M.

I don't know what does this mix have,
but it makes me love it, simply love it.
Congratulations JC !" A.

"OMG I Love this remix !
It's so pefect.
The beat and everything flow so well together." A.

"Dude, great job on Pagan Poetry." G.

"This one is great !!! I like it !" A.

"you know what JC ?
This remix is wonderfull and i think that if you make
i'm sure they will be really great ! Do it please." J.C.

"It's very great work !!!!!" S.

"It's so good !!!
Trop fort, continue dans cette voie..." L.

"I'm not a trance fan but I like Bjork.
I really don't like bjork mixed with trance.
BUT! You did a good job with the production !" K.


"Oh Yeah baby !
The beat kicks ass
and I don't even like thump-thump !" J.

"Loved your remixes! They're really well done,
sound very professional...
keep up the good work I'd say..." R.

"Ahhh ! I was waiting for it, GREAT ! M.

"Encore mieux que l'original.
Je ne pensais pas que ce serait possible. Bravo!!!
j'adore !" K.

"Vraiment EXCELLENT !!!
Les mots ne peuvent pas exprimer comment ton remix
a ajouté une autre dimension dans cette chanson...
Félicitations ! ;-)"

"Un peu long mais vraiment très bon !
Même si on n'aime pas la trance on aimera ce mix.
Mais qui es-tu, JC ???" L.

"Très bon !!! De pouvoir danser sur des versions
qui initialement sont faites pour relaxer
bien au chaud, chez soi !!!
Allons danser la poésie payenne !" P.

"J'ai lu le message vers 3h du mat',
là il est 5h, ça veut dire que le remix
de Pagan Poetry tourne ici en boucle depuis 2 heures !
Needless to say, I like it :-)" P.

Ca a du te prendre un temps et un travail monstres !
C'est impeccable...
Ca a sa place dans les remixes officiels :-)" C.

"J'ai téléchargé votre remixe de Bjork "Pagan Poetry"
et je dois vous avouer que j'écoute
ce dernier en boucle depuis hier soir...
C'est vraiment de l'excellent boulot...Bravo !
Grand admirateur de Bjork depuis des années,
je suis plutôt déçu par la qualité de ses remixes
depuis son retour avec "Vespertine".
Alors je n'ai qu'une seule chose à dire : Merci !" S.

Note :
This remix is not an "official" remix.
I just love Bjork's work and Pagan Poetry song, so I just decided to remix it.
I didn't ask any permission but I'm not selling it.
I just thought that maybe someone at Bjork's staff would appreciate it and contact me... ;-)

Copyright :
Song and Image :
One Little Indian Records
Elektra Records
Björk Overseas Ltd.
Arrangements and remix :
JC Lemay

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Remix of Pagan Poetry from Bjork's Vespertine album by JC Lemay Bjork, mp3, Vespertine, Hidden Place, Pagan Poetry, remix, bjork, trip hop, dub, trance, techno, house